• Nano GWO powder is a kind of modified and special process of tungsten oxide materials, has low resistivity and low temperature superconducting properties. The visible near infrared has excellent barrier effect, especially the 1000nm band infrared barrier rate is greater than 90%, the visible light transmission rate is greater than 70%, the color is pure. As a window material, it can be used as a good near infrared thermal insulation material, it has a very attractive application prospects in the field of automotive and construction.
  • ITO material is the most widely used transparent conductive film, which can not only block the heat transfer of the black body radiation, but also can block the heat transfer in the infrared part of the solar radiation. The transmittance of visible light and solar radiation is very high, and the infrared radiation is very high. It can be used in the manufacture of transparent thermal insulation window, but also can be used as a solar collector.
  • Nano ATO powder has excellent conductive properties, can be used as the target, nano dispersed solution, and so on, which shows good transparency, weatherability, anti-static, anti radiation, electromagnetic shielding and other excellent characteristics. In addition, nano ATO has excellent optical performance, has the function of shielding ultraviolet ray and blocking near infrared ray, and good thermal insulation performance.
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  • 建筑节能设计是建筑方案报建、初步设计、施工图设计的重要组成部分,是取得建筑工程规划许可证、建筑工程施工许可证的前提条件。...
  • 运用清华斯维尔、pkpm、DeST、EnergyPlus、Ecotect、Phonics、Fluent等建筑节能模拟软件...
  • 华南理工大学建筑节能研究中心于2008年5月首次通过了国家计量认证,成为我国首个在高校系统通过国家计量认证(实验室资质认...
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